12.3,dolphin, no more "controle" button

in dolphin i don’t know how i did this but the button “controle” has disappeared.

this “controle”(in french) button displays a menu where you find :

  • display hidden files
  • panel
  • dolphin settings

how to display again this button ?

Is this what we are looking for ?

Starting from KDE 4.7, Dolphin’s menu bar is hidden, but easy to reach and restore. If you prefer menu bar to be present, you can enable it by selecting Control -> Show Menubar or pressing Ctrl + M.

source:- http://userbase.kde.org/Dolphin/File_Management

i don’t speak about a disappeared bar but a disappeared button and i don’t speak about the menu bar but the tool bar

the “controle” button is a button of the tool bar

it’s a pity we can’t join a capture

Left click on “Settings”, left click on “Show Menubar”. You’ll loose the menubar, and “Controle” will appear.

Upload images to paste.opensuse.org and cross link them here

thanks to all