12.3 boot menu - advanced mode

I looked at the advanced mode boots. 3 lines all saying OpenSuse 12.3 … and no further information on what they do or what they are for. Does anyone know?

I selected the 1st one and booted. This produced my usual desktop etc but I found that I had to enter roots password to reboot. I did just that and selected the usual boot. I’m still asked for the root password to reboot. This leaves me wondering how I can get back to how things were? I also have no idea what other changes may have been made?


3 would be strange. There should be 1 line for each of your installed kernel (by default 2 kernels are kept) and a “recovery mode” entry for each kernel.

Apparently your boot menu’s screen resolution is too low to display the full lines (nvidia graphics, I guess? :wink: ).
Run YaST->System->Boot Loader, select “Boot Loader Options” and switch the “Console resolution” to something different than “Autodetect by grub2”, maybe 1280x1024 or 1024x768.


You should be able to see more complete boot menu entries then…:wink:

If you select the second entry, ordinary that would get you into rescue mode.

In fact if you can do that, I created a fix for the default Grub menu selection which chops off the entries so you can’t tell which entry does what.



Did you submit bug report?

how to hidden menu advanced option ?