[12.3 64Bit RC2] - Fresh Install-Activities Icon Is Wrong?


I downloaded 12.3 64Bit RC2 and did a md5sum on it and it passed.
I installed 12.3 64Bit RC2 into current VirtualBox on a Win 8 Pro 64Bit host.

Installation finished without problems, but the Activities icon in the panel is wrong?
Anyone else have this too?



I upgraded with a dist-upgrade, zypper dup, yesterday and have the same symbol. It’s not an icon, because icons are supposed to be easily recognized even if changes are made. I assumed it was done to match the other artless symbols in the system tray. :D.

I’d say that it is different, not wrong. I don’t think there’s a right and wrong for icons.

I have downloaded, but I won’t have time to install until later.

I noticed that too. It is butt ugly! I hope they come to their senses and change it back, or design a more elegant icon. For now I have removed it from the panel so I don’t have to look at it.

OMG, I just figured it out!
Its still d*mn ugly