[12.3 64Bit Final]-How Do I Install Skype?

[12.3 64Bit Final]-How Do I Install Skype?


I was using Skype on Windows 8 to communicate with my dev team.

I installed the Skype Kopete plugin wrapper, but found out I still need Skype to be installed?
How do I install Skype application on my new openSUSE 12.3 64Bit Final?



Maybe this helps: SDB:Skype - openSUSE

Of course it is not for 12.3, but when you within 5 mins of 12.3 being release expect that people have:
a) downloaded it;
b) installed it;
c) have experience with it with respect to Skype;
you are a bit optimistic IMHO.

This is my simple solution:

Create a folder RPMS in your homedir
Start Yast - Software - Software repositories
Click Add, pick “Local folder”, Next
Browse to /home/YOURUSERNAME/RPMS, select it
Check “RPM folder”, Next. Next. OK.

Now download the skype rpm for openSUSE to /home/YOURUSERNAME/RPMS

Start Yast - Software - Software manager
Search for skype, check it for install, Accept.
Click the kickerbutton, Programs - Internet - More Programs and you’ll find a Skype entry.