12.2 SOX audio play fails: Fixed

I installed 12.2 with LXDE/openbox, and loaded package
sox-14.4.0-2.1.2.i586 “The Swiss knife for sound”. SOX provides
command “play” to play audio files but “play” fails with message

play FAIL formats: can't open output file `default': can not open audio device: Connection refused

The problem is that by default SOX expects to use the pulse-audio driver but
openSUSE’s default is ALSA and the pulse-audio driver is not installed.

A fix would be for the 12.2 SOX rpm to set environment
variable AUDIODRIVER=alsa. The workaround is to either set
AUDIODRIVER=alsa in /etc/bash.bashrc.local or use the command

env AUDIODRIVER=alsa play mysound.au


Pulse audio IS enabled by default on openSUSE 12.2, assuming you did a standard install (that is, you did not remove pulseaudio packages at the time of installation). Pulse can be disabled after installation by going into Yast–>Sound–>Options and uncheck “Enable PulseAudio”.