12.2 Shutdown Actually Restarts

I have an ultrabook on 12.2 GNOME 3. Sometimes when I choose shutdown, my computer actually restarts. This often happens if the lid is closed during the shutdown process and sometimes even when the screen is upright.

Anyone else having this problem?

Check out power settings and check for any wrong key bindings. It’s running smooth in my setup except software update issue.

Sometimes when I choose shutdown, my computer actually restarts

I still have thisproblem** always** as described here. I suspect it is either my LVM setup (which is probably something you don’t have on a laptop), or my graphic card. Just, to see if the latter might be the culprit, what kind of graphics does an ultrabook have?

I saw an ultrabook means intel graphics. I would try kernel 3.5.3, which finally solved my problem.

Yes, I did. I believe this is the default setting for opensuse, which can be changed using yast:

yast2 -> Security and Users -> Security Center and Hardening -> Boot Settings:

set “interpretation of Ctl + Alt+ Del” to “halt”

This fixed it for me.