12.2 Release Date of Sept. 5 is confirmed

Ismail Dönmez posted the following today on the openSUSE Factory mailing list:

Fellow developers;

Starting this second we are freezing the package submissions to openSUSE 12.2
branch (Factory is fine). As the co-release manager for this release I would
like to thank each of you who submitted fixes to the upcoming release. From new
gcc to brand new X.org stack it was a bumpy ride but I believe we managed to
stabilize to the point we can finally release it. So, on September 5 we will
unveil the new openSUSE 12.2 release.

But it doesn’t stop here, Factory is now ready for heavy
breakage^^^^^^development. Just remember to have fun and start sending your
Factory submit requests right away.


I’m eager to install it … :slight_smile: