12.2 M1 and M2 Installer stalls when searching for Linux partitions

When using the default kernel setting during the install process. I’ve noticed that the installer stalls when it’s searching for other Linux partitions on the hard drive.

To resolve this issue during the installation process:

  1. Press the “F5” function key
  2. Select NO ACPI
    ---- This will add acpi=off to the Grub options line 1. Select Installation

The installer will no longer stall when searching for Linux partitions.

I found this thread while looking for a way to fix my problem:
My 12.2 final (not M1 or M2) still does this to me. If i try the NO ACPI option the installer does not start at all but hangs on a pretty green screen.

During the initial setup of openSUSE, type in the Boot Options:

Then press the <enter> key to proceed with the installation.