12.2 ldap and SSL

This isn’t a problem I have as such but in 12.1 and earlier you can decide not to use ssl for LDAP
In 12.2 it seems you have too use it.

I have 2 identical ldap servers to do authentication etc and in opensuse 12.1 I put both in the ldap server
box on the client. If ldap server A is dead then in a second or so the client uses ldap server B. Since there are
no certificates involved this works fine ( additionally we have 30 odd Imacs which don’t play nicely with SSL
for ldap authentication )

Forgetting the Imacs for a moment ( forgetting forever would be nice )

When I had SSL configured on the ldap server when I only had one server I created the certificate and then did the
openssl S_client blah blah -showcerts thing to get the cert and then pasted that into a cert.pem which I put on a web server
and then installed the cert on the client from the ldap client gui

If I did that for both ldap servers I would have 2 certs - how do I install both certs on the clients so the client can use either
ldap servers? Do I have 2 files of do I put both certs in one file ?