12.2 harlequin: nfs server -- can't mount after hibernation

Greetings !

Just a question: I have no clues to dig by myself.

I have a server on 12.2 using nfs-kernel-server 1.2.6 on a machine that exports some of his folders.
On the other side I have a 13.2 that mounts (/etc/fstab) the exported folders.

I put both computers on hibernation before going for a while and then back I first boot up the 12.2 and then the 13.2.
I never could mount the exported folders again.

I remembered that on 12.2, when woke up from hibernation I have to wake the network service, the firewall to have an internet connexion, but here I had to reboot both computers to have it work as normal.
It seems on 13.2 the issue is the same, when woke up from hibernation the network is down.

Is there somebody that could explain what really go when putting system on hibernation (saving snapshot on disk) and put it back to memory: why, for example, the network is down ?
On 13.2 that is worse: the plasma desktop won’t appear, all the windows are opened (netbeans, konsole, …), but there is no way to access the panel (only by shortcut).

When and where I could put a hypothetical script to run the services that seems to get disabled when the system is put to hibernation (run level 3, 2, 5 ?).

Thank you !!

Lesson learned?
Servers generally shouldn’t be put on hibernation, the most you might do is set the drives to spin down but of course that will cause delays for data access when the disks are “asleep.”

Even if the disks are asleep, network services provided by a Server should be immediately available to all clients 24/7/365.
If a server is unavailable, then services it provides are unavailable.