12.2 GM almost ready

got torrent link of 12.2 DVD, downloading right now, will install it after matching hash with official release :slight_smile:

I am not going to share the link here…but can share hash value :smiley:

26dd6c187f743f3af0cbb31eed138a07 openSUSE-12.2-DVD-x86_64.iso
0373980cd6f270e1172067b86c044633 openSUSE-12.2-DVD-i586.iso

thanks for the chuckle caf :slight_smile:

On Mon, 03 Sep 2012 03:46:03 +0000, pawanyadav wrote:

> I am not going to share the link here…but can share hash value :smiley:

But of course we cannot confirm nor deny that these are the correct


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I am a bit sad but on Saturday I did a check against all the opensuse mirror sites and the eventually found one with 12.2 that wasn’t locked. It was the ftp site in Latvia but I see that this is now locked.

Installed the 12.2 64 bit version and everything was fine pretty much. The only hic-up was the problem with the clock being an hour different (the same problem that was introduced with rc2). I did use grub 1 (as I have a funny boot system and I wasn’t confident enough to try Grub 2). Yesterday I installed all the packman multimedia packages, upgraded to kde 4.9, upgraded the kernel to and installed the latest nvidia driver 304.43 (the hard way) - all without any problems. All looks good to me - on countdown for 12.3 now

Hi All,

I had installed opensuse 12.2 RC1. With GM could I simply update with yast ? Or I have to do a fressh install ?

Update with yast is the same zypper update ?


I dth2,

Could you resume (a big resume :slight_smile: ) for us how can we upgrade to kde 4.9, kernel to and nvidia driver ?


You can just do an update - for a kde install there was 125 updates.

If you want to update now rather than wait until the release date you can add one of the repo addresses for example:

Index of /pub/opensuse/distribution/12.2/repo/oss/suse

and also do a yast online update as there are already a number of packages in:-

Index of /update/12.2


Index of /update/12.2-non-oss

pauloneves wrote:

> Could you resume (a big resume :slight_smile: ) for us how can we upgrade to kde
> 4.9, kernel to and nvidia driver ?

There is a Release49 repo for KDE and user @jdmcdaniel has blog posts on the other points

for kde 4.9 add the repo
Index of /repositories/KDE:/Release:/49/openSUSE_12.2

for kernel 3.5 add the repo
Index of /repositories/Kernel:/HEAD/standard

I don’t use nvidia so cant help there

Anyone who does use it?
Can we use the hard way without change, I ask this because of grub2?

Sorry I have installed on a desktop p/c not a laptop - so can’t say if there are any problems on ‘resume’ a la laptop style.

Hash: SHA1

I am using NVidia stuff, nouveau driver (default), and I have
sleep-ed/resumed several times. I have not hibernated at all.

Good luck.
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I do use nvidia & the ABSOLUTE EASIEST WAY is to use the repo way go to the nvidia repo here:

then put it in Yast>Software Repositories then use Yast>Software Management to install the drivers no fuss, no muss worries about grub2.