12.2 - File Listing

I find that I cannot use the facility of listing files - all I have is an icon view. Clicking on the tool bar for listings will not work. >:)

You should try to be as explicit as you can in order to be able to get some help. What version you use? How did you try to list files? Can be via a terminal or via Dolphin? or who knows what tool. So please explain what you are trying to do and we’ll try to help you.

Please post a screenshot through SUSE Paste

with so little info to go on it is hard to know what you are talking about

BUT . . . . if by chance you are using dolphin, then simply using the shortcut ctrl+3 will give you detailed view which is perhaps what you mean by folder view.
Having said that - if it is dophin, I cannot understand why the menu entries to achieve the same thing do not work for you.

oppenSUSE 12.2 and dolphin. Three options available - icon view (default), compact and detail. Neither of the last selects mode. CTRL + 3 also no effect. I hope that is enough.

May I know whats your Dolphin version ? I have tested my self with CTRL + 3 and got what we used to get . So I think there might be some bug effecting you.
Let us know with your Dolphin version .

Thank you.

Open up Dolphin and go to

View > Show hidden files

Navigate to


and delete the file *dolphinrc

see if that helps.