12.2 dell vostro 1520

Instllation is correct but i have this problem:

  1. while i installing brodcom firmware x11 crash and at next reboot i have x11 with black screen (widh square white)
  2. i install the packages upgrade and reboot i have i have x11 with black screen (widh square white)

i can to use suse only choosing advanced option (suse resque).

What’s happen (I want to use suse)?


You have not told us much what video?? Had you installed a special video driver? Did you have nay updates before rebooting? What desktop?

  1. Desktop is kde (I would like to go back to opensuse after years with kubuntu).
  2. I installed the updates reported (Among these is nouveau)
  3. the graphics start well, but the login screen is unusable (black square with some white or green). Therefore the system is unusable

Install the NVIDIA driver. If you have an NVIDIA chip or card.