12.1 update changed nouveau driver, broke hibernate, can't go back, Grub now has 7 items

got 12.1 to work, but then clicked on update when it said i needed 89.
But it put back proprietry nvidia driver 96.43.20 which gives tiny fonts and breaks hibernate &sleep which i’ve spent weeks on.
Lacking any better info, i delete nvidia with yast, it churns for 1/2 hour and then it puts nvidea back in as last step.
yast shows nouveau installed, and this procedure worked before when i tried nvid driv because sleep did not work with nouveau driv, so i went back to nouvaeu to at least get hibernate working.(found 1 click install of nvidea)
so i try again - reloads nvidea again
BUT now i see Grub shows 7 items, top 2 with … pae at end???
Per info, look for blacklist in etc/modprobe.d/50-nvidea.conf - not there, but is another file /nvidea.conf says blacklist nouveau

So do i reinstall and startover. but i felt update should NOT change drivers!!
How to fix Grub?
It would be nice to have steps for video driver change back, reinstall Suse; much too hard sorting thru forums

It’s an older PC but works well : 1.2Ghz AMD, MB: DFI AZ30 (Via KM266) w/ACPI S to Ram, Geforce MX4000, 1.5 G ram,

Not sure how to tell you to unravel what you have installed. From terminal, you can run the text based YaST with the command:

sudo /sbin/yast

You can delete the file nvidea.conf to stop the driver nouveau from being blacklisted. You need to remove any older repositories from openSUSE when you do an upgrade from one version to another. You can YaST to uninstall any older kernel or nVIDIA driver loaded from YaST. YOu can also give up and do a clean install if you can’t get back to normal. If the nouveau driver does not work for you, you can use the kernel load option nomodeset (Entered from the Grub OS selection menu) to stop Kernel Mode Setting and to allow the proprietary nVIDIA driver to load properly.

Thank You,

Thanks for your reply.
Perhaps i didn’t make it clear, but you missed the point: it’s not what I installed, its what Suse update did !!
I had a clean install of 12.1, not another version, most everything worked except sleep- s2ram.
it had the nouveau driver and in my effort to get sleep working, a forum post said try nvidea driver, which i finally did once i saw 1click install (no way the hard way!!).
That gave tiny fonts and broke hibernate AND sleep, so wanted to go back, but did not see a how-to.
What makes this sooooo frustrating is after some hours, i found a post that said blacklists (not a clear term itself) are in etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf. ( i mispelled this above)
But u say i “can” delete /nvidea.conf.
Then what should i do with /50-nvidea.conf?
Should i blacklist nvidea? how ?
If i had upgraded, you say “You need to remove any older repositories…” How ??? manually ?? aren’t there hundreds ???
your last statement about nomodeset and KMS drivers is unclear.

What do i do with the 7 Grub items and the -pae for the top 2 ?
Forgive me if seem gruff, but i’ve spent way too much time on this. The developers need to document this OS more .
Now i see Suse says i have 15 new updates.
Do i ever click on it again?

The last software update broke my sleep and hibernate as well - on my lenovo T410 laptop. Can I back it out easily?