12.1- Stuck @ Boot Screen on Shutdown

thanks a lot for your help. the tutorial is excellent.

it is really helpful to people who dual-boot opensuse and ubuntu (like me). thank you

@ stakanov
I have gone through the ‘tuxfiles.org’ web site. I think it’s the best solution for a newbie like me who is interested in learning CLI. Thanks a lot to you for directing me to it and also to Nana (the author) for the article:).
now, could you direct me to something more advanced (I mean the next step after ‘tuxfiles.org’)?

I am happy that I could help you with this. There are several ways to go on reading about Linux. A good book (that recently a colleague here pointed out is**“rute”](http://rute.2038bug.com/index.html.gz)** a well known reference, that gives strong insights to Linux as a whole. It covers also commands, their use in Linux and fosters the overall understanding (permissions, commands used in the context of day by day usage. It is really complete and well organized. The link brings you to a freely accessible html copy. You will have a look (especially at the chapter “commands” and tell me if this is what you search for. What is your preferred language? (I guess English, but if you have another preference tell me).
A nice website for Linux with down-to-earth articles and tips and tricks is also HERE](http://olex.openlogic.com/wazi/).
If you need a fast alphabetical reference, this website](http://www.techcuriosity.com/resources/linux/linux_commands_U.php) comes handy.
If these references for you are a jump “in cold water” tell me. I will then try an alternative.

@ stakanov,
thank you for the links:). i will go through the “rute”. seems like a nice book. and, yes, english is my preferred language.

I just upgraded to 12.1 and had the shutdown problem. Simply commenting out the “HaltCmd” line did the trick for me.

Thanks for the posts.