12.1 RC1 XFCE


XFCE desktop changed much, probably due to introduction of GTK3 and GNOME3.

I’ve installed 12.1 RC1 and noticed that unlike 11.4 it uses original “xfce4-notifyd” for notifications.
I don’t like it, is there any way to use gnome notification-daemon in xfce?

Perhaps this is what you’re looking for; goodies.xfce.org/projects/applications/notification-daemon-xfce

Looks interesting. there is also notify-osd but it lacks actions.
it may look like unimportant thing, but notifications popup quite often while using pidgin and banshee.
And I don’t want ugly xfce4-notifyd instead of what was in 11.4.

I guess I will take a closer look at notifications once 12.1 is released. Something may change until then.