12.1 & LXDE qinternet problem.

Hi list, moderators!

I really like running my DSL thru qinternet, but in 12.1 & LXDE qinternet doesn’t recognize eth0.

I"m connected now by editing Yast > Network Devices > nic card, then changing the start to start on boot. If I set it to manual the connection fails. I’m only using IP4. smpppd is running in 2,3, and 5.

Every time I edit the nic card setting, the Routing > IP4 default gateway gets trashed and has to be reset. I have the box nic box checked to allow non-root access for qinternet

To make sure qinternet works, I set it up for a dial-up modem with an interface modem0. That works, but the only interface shown by right clicking the qinternet icon is modem0.

Searching for this in the archives didn’t show up much.

qinternet gives me an on/off internet switch and data-rate meter. Maybe there is another alternative that gets me the same thing. I’ve never use a network manager!

My 11.4 I overwrote with the 12.1 wrorked fine with qinternet. Can I get some help to make it work on 12.1? Heboland

Replying back to myself, I’ll leave it up to the moderators to decide if this thread is solved!

I have a solution, but it doesn’t involve qinternet - the subject of this thread. In fact I think it’s possible that qinternet has been depricated in 12.1 to be only a dial-up app.

My solution was to use the Network Manager (NM) instead of qinternet. The DVD install of 12.1 and Lxde installed an NM rpm and a Gnome NM rpm. In Yast > Network Devices, reversing the Ifup choice in favor of NM accomplishes most of the change. A menu appears wanting the network manger to be added to the panel.

In my Lxde panel, I didn’t find an NM icon, so I added a NM connection switch and a NM monitor. The switch icon opened into a menu that showed a wired connection (which I have) and allowed me to configure it. Most if not all of the configuration was a checkbox “Start Automatically”. By trial and error this is the equivalent Yast nic setup of “Start Manually”.

One other thing that results from the change of Ifup to NM is that Yast cannot change the nic settings.

After a reboot a third NM icon appeared in the panel system tray. It opens into a menu that allows “Disconnect” if the NM is running or “Connect” if the NM is disconnected. The monitor gives some graphic dots of traffic, so I do have some indication of connection activity.

This setup gives me most of what I had previously (11.4) with qinternet except for a calibrated net connection display. Probably such an app already exists, and sooner or later, I’ll find it. Heboland

Thank You for the information. From what I’ve heard qinternet is considered obsolete and most (if not all) functionality has been replaced by NetworkManager. I’ve never used qinternet though because all of my needs where supported by NetworkManager from the day I jumped to openSUSE, which was at the version 11.2.

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Greg, thanks for the response!

With my 12.1, qinternet does still work for dial-up modems. I’m still looking for a replacement for the qintert “view data rate” graphical monitor.

I’m trying to build netactview, but the configure script is not guessing my 12.1 install tree very well. Heboland