12.1 breaks akonadi postgresql database


Since I installed openSUSE 12.1, Akonadi doesn’t work anymore with postgresql. The reason, as I have read somewhere around here as well as in the akonadiserver error log, is that my database was created with postgresql 9.0 in 11.4. 12.1 delivers version 9.1.1 (or something in the likes), which won’t use this database (btw this is clearly a usability bug). I do have a backup, and I know all I need to do is start a new database and import my data. But here is where I don’t know how to proceed.

I have tried renaming /home/[user]/.local/share/akonadi/db_data/, but that hasn’t helped. Ever since I did that, the following happens:

  • akonadi starts an instance of postgresql
  • akonadi cannot start its server
  • the log file /home/[user]/.local/share/akonadi/akonadiserver.error tells me that lock files are in place and that an instance of the server must already be running.

The problem is that I verified that this instance is started by akonadi. I have quit all processes postgres* and made sure that neither of the lock files is still around. When I start akonadi, it is definitely not running. So akonadi manages to start the server, but for some reason it cannot connect to it.

Here’s /home/[user]/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc





I’d be grateful for any help! Thanks!

Could this be related to - in my view - another usability bug, namely that the installer doesn’t let you pick your machine name? I had to change it after installation. But maybe akonadi/postgresql now thinks that another instance is already running from a different user account or whatever?

Please help me, I need this fixed asap. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Of course you can choose machine name during installation. I have installed on several machines and was able to choose machine name on all of them.

Ok I stand corrected. I didn’t notice and it hadn’t been like that for the longest time. Anyway, would anyone have any clues as to the problem? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok I got it figured out. The problem was that a new /home/alvanx/.local/share/akonadi/db_data/ would mean that the path to the socket in /home/alvanx/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc would point nowhere. So what I needed to do was to make sure akonadi is not running and then to completely delete all the lines in said file except for


This will mean that akonadi automatically adds default values to that. Now akonadi is running again.

One correction, one update:

  1. Actually, the entire .local/share/akonadi/ has to be replaced, copying over the files still needed (like file_db_data or config files).
  2. The fact that I figured this out and now have a running postgresql backend does not mean that I am able to reimport my data. Crazy mess. All of akonadi.