11gR2 and opensuse 11.1

how opensuse 11.1 talk with 11gR2 and asm?

as opensuse 11.1 is giving support to XFS and reiserFS will it works with 11gR1/11gR2 asm?

Errr… we are not code breakers from the NSA here. If you are so bored that you can’t even write the keyword ORACLE, how
do you expect someone to reply?

Now I since I realized you re talking about Oracle, if I remember correctly it doesn’t care what filesystem you re going to use.(regarding Automatic Storage Management). See wasn’t so hard to expand the acronym.

I actually did not understand what you re trying to say about XFS, but the default FS in suse is ext3 now.

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watch it.it will explain you lot.why i am anxious is written here.


what password the ora.rpm will set for oracle user??do i need to change anything for oracle 11gR1??