11 Livedisk fails waiting for CD to appear


First post and it’s a problem :o Sorry!

I’m trying to boot the LiveCD (it’s actually a magazine cover disk but I don’t believe that to be the problem).
It gets to ‘waiting for CD/DVD to appear’ and then hangs, it says it’s going to reboot in 120s, but I’ve killed it before then so I don’t know if it does or not.

Hardware: HP XW6000, I’ve tried a bunch of different DVD readers in it.

I have tried: Failsafe install, textmode (only let me see the error), insmod=ide-generic. insmod=ide_generic, insmod=ata-generic, insmod=ata_generic.
(It would be helpful if it gave an error so I knew whether any of these worked, rather than just failing silently. Possibly they are all valid, but I doubt it.)

I found the insmod=ide-generic on this forum somewhere, the box is currently running kubuntu (7.10) and seems to be using ata_generic (from lsmod) which was why I tried that.

I’ve disabled DMA transfers in the BIOS, switched between primary and secondary IDE controllers. (found that on Novell.com from a few years back, when the box was certified for Suse)

There are no IDE disks, they’re all SCSI. They seem to be working OK.

Tomorrow (it’s my work PC) I’m going to try the official 11 DVD that I’ve just downloaded.
After that I’m out of ideas, any suggestions?


I’m also getting this error when I installed 11.3 M1 Live KDE onto a 1GB flash drive using Unetbootin.

Can someone please remove this step from the boot procedure?