11.4x64 everything works, what now?!

Updated it, updated KDE, fixed mount of ntfs external drive problem that appeared after update, fixed problem with capturing screen.

There is nothing more to fix.
What now!? :open_mouth:

I can not understand which is problem now. Could you explain me???

When you realy use your openSUSE as a means instead of a tool, you have a problem.

I might suggest you offer your energy to the openSUSE project itself. That may lead to:
a) the birth of a new openSUSE level where you again have to make it stable (thus fixing your own build in problems :wink: );
b) a possitive experience to the rest of us.

I myself might be glad to have a constant “no problems to fix” situation, because I use my computer for all sorts of tasks that can only be hampered by problems :frowning:

That was a little joke. I do use openSUSE as a tool… Just feels very strange when everything works just as it should. (but I don’t dispare, some update will break something some time, ahahahah)
I would like to help, however I really don’t have a bit of free time. When I am not working, I am taking care of a daughter. When all this work and non-work deminishes, first I need a vaccation, and some sleep hopefully.
Then I will probably have time to help.

As this is in Chitchat, I did not take your post too serious :wink:

I hope you take the right decision when your daughter AND your system ask for your interference at the same time. lol!

If it all works, obviously you have not “fixed it” enough. Go back and try harder. :wink:

mmmm… if there is nothing more to fix… have a lot of fun!

Could install Gentoo or LFS (Linux from Scratch) :wink:

By the way…what is sleep?

Install Gnome 3?

Oh, no… not gnome 3. I do lot better with Gentoo, trust me…
I like challanges, but not headaches :slight_smile:


Gnome is a headache for me. When Gnome 3 was available many Gnome users had problems. KDE is the King.:wink:

Possibly the only reason Gnome is a headache for you is that you don’t use it… As a Gnome user I rarely comment on other Desktop issues unless it’s a generic issue. I strongly suggest you might consider doing the same, thanks!

First I have used Gnome and still use Gnome, but not in openSUSE but in Linux Monomachos.

To clarify, not using openSUSE Gnome or openSUSE Gnome 3.0.


Possibly the only reason Gnome is a headache for you is that you don’t use it… As a Gnome user I rarely comment on other Desktop issues unless it’s a generic issue.** I strongly suggest you might consider doing the same, thanks!**[/QUOTE]

Maybe another reason why its a headache for stamostolias is because he finds it so ugly to look at…

malcolmlewis, please justify the suggestion that we should live life by your rules.

If you think its inappropriate to discuss here feel free to PM me.

Ahh maybe that is it :wink:

Well, don’t get twitchy… everyone has a right to his own opinion.
I find gnome 3 as a fish out of the water, and since it is new, full of bugs as KDE4 was in the beginning. Gnome 2 as ugly, illogical, but usable DE.
XFCE and Enlightment more usable than gnome2. But that is me.
I like KDE, and using gnome2 is like passing from horse to donkey.

Tastes are not to be discussed… however, I dont like “XYZ rules” posts, and least of it, a “slap” on the guy… :slight_smile:

I have the same feeling after installing 11.4 on my test box. It’s a shining and fictional and a joy to use. I am still running 11.3 on my main computer; too many drives mounted to do a a install then drag in all my user data to a clean install. I’ll wait until fall.

I have Debian stable installed on my test box too. I find gnome easy to flounder around in but I still would prefer KDE. I never use most bundled KDE apps for email, torrenting etc so I could live with gnome if I had too.

Gnome 3 is being presented at this time as a preview, not at this time as a serious DE for new users.

Gnome 2 in openSUSE is very good as a DE. The use of Gnome 3 in openSUSE should only be attempted by the adventurous and/or users who want to help the openSUSE devs to get the new Gnome 3 platform debugged and nicely integrated with openSUSE. If you’re not using it for that reason, then you forgot that it’s released as a preview, and you’re using it 12 months too soon. It will become very good, better than Gnome 2, but for now it’s needing the help of geeky types like us to test it. Inexperienced or short-fuse or easily frustrated etc users should stick with the stable stuff.

If you become frustrated or upset with it, then you installed it for the wrong reason, with unrealistic expectations, and you should go back from Gnome 3 (out of the factory, still in development) to Gnome 2 (the stable issue that was released with openSUSE 11.4 deliberately for everyday users).

Yeahh, But in linux Monomachos uses only Gnome and now Gnome 3. I have already made upgrade.


It is not only that it is ugly but it is not so good for programmers. I am programmer and now very well both of them graphical interfaces, but the best for me is KDE.