11.4 + Rebirth 338.iso + Wine

Ive got an .iso of Rebrith 338 2.0, which has now become freeware in the sense that it is free to download and use from The ReBirth Museum.

For those who aren’t familiar with Rebirth 338, it is a cool little app which features 2 TB303 synthesizers, a TR808 and TR909 drum machines, step sequencer, and a couple of fx. Songs can be exported as .wav files or data saved in .rbs format for easy transfer.

ok, the issue I am having is that after having installed Rebirth, when opening with Wine, Rebirth cannot find the ‘CD’. I am very new to SUSE and Linux and am not sure how to ‘fix’ this. Here is what I have done.

I have the rb338.iso file in my home directory. In the terminal I entered

# mkdir -p /mnt/rb338
# mount -o loop rb338.iso /mnt/rb338

I then went into /mnt/rb338/ and ran the installer executable with Wine. For my path I chose /home/rebirth/. Rebirth installs without complaint and I can go to /rebirth/ and run Rebirth.exe with Wine. When Rebirth starts up its asks for the CD.

I have gone into Wine Configuration and under the Drives tab, added a new Drive Mapping. The drive letter is E: and for the path have entered /mnt/rb338/. Then clicking the Advanced button, changed the Type to CD-ROM, and hit OK.

When starting Rebirth, again it still asks for the CD. Can anyone with a bit more of an idea point out what I am missing? Thank you.