11.4-RC2 available

Build 0012 ??

Index of /distribution/11.4-RC2

Sorry for that but here is the real thread 11.4 RC2 is Available

I do not understand the numbering system ether.

What is “Build1098” ?

And why are now only net-install iso images (beneth the ones for 11.4 RC1=Build1056) in the factory iso repository?

puzzled pistazienfresser

On Friday 25 Feb 2011 10:36, eng-int scribbled:

> Build 0012 ??

Yes, that screwed me as well. Burnt the “latest” download to DVD, installed
it, ignored “RC1” comment thinking it had just been forgotten, then
eventually found it was indeed RC1. I still had RC1 iso in my folder and, as
that was the lowest in the list of files, assumed it was the one I’d just

Couldn’t count past 1056 so started again? :wink:

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