[11.4 RC1 64bit] - Missing Icons?

[11.4 RC1 64bit] - Missing Icons?

Will this be fixed?

What do you think?

Does it prevent the applications from being tested? I’m sure we will all be surprised if it isn’t fixed.

I noticed today that the Chromium icon has been replaced with the Xorg icon when Chromium is running in KDE. Firefox still has the Firefox icon.

I’m not having this icon issue with KDE.


I tested both the DVD and Gnome LiveCD of openSUSE 11.4 RC1 64bit.
The icons are missing in both versions.

Any ideas?


Yes, upgrade to RC2 expected in a matter of days.

I’ve got the same issue with chromium icon in 11.4 stable
Can You help me solve this?

Sorry, I didn’t notice that this is only pre-release forum.
Please remove my posts :slight_smile: