11.4 max resolution 1024x768 - how can I raise it?

Thanks. Advanced? Well I can use the terminal commands if I understand them. I opened the gtf man file and read it, but was still a bit confused, so had the additional questions.

Based on one of the other posts I did change the cable and have reconnected the KVM device. You say with the current xorg it should be fine? Or is there something I need to adjust yet? I have not rebooted yet and wanted to ask before I do.

thanks again

I’ve rebooted several times with the xorg.conf that I posted for 1680x1050 resolution, (unrelated clean install issues).

If you’re running the resolution you wanted now, I would wait until you have to reboot or shutdown.

I had to reboot and it came back. I did some tests, and to keep that resolution, I did need to have a modeline entry… There are no lower resolutions using the correct ratios. Don’t know if there is a way for that to work. I am running, so thanks.


If you’re asking if you can have a choice of lower resolutions then yes. Generate mode lines for the lower or higher resolutions supported by your monitor and add the modes to the monitor section of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Then hopefully using the proprietary tool for your video card you can switch the modes. Although, I don’t like wide screen 1680x1050@60 is the preferred resolution for my monitor, everything is much sharper than CRT or VESA resolutions. .