11.4 M6 Konqueror 'fish" Protocol Fails

“smb” works, but “fish” never returns - stays “connecting”.
Yet ssh from the command line works fine.

Konqueror does prompt for the userid/password as it should.
The userid/password are saved in the Wallet correctly.


Well…heck. That makes KDE4.6 a “non-starter” for us…

Does ‘sftp’ work instead of ‘fish’ ?

Alas no. It might help if at least one other user could confirm the bug report

This worries me about updating users too, although they should be protected as we use public key authentication, I am cocerned about the support calls when they make a mistake and the connection hangs.

‘sftp’ seems to work - basic testing only.

‘fish’ is key because the folks are Windows users and REQUIRE GUI drag-n-drop
(sigh…) to prevent “rebellion” (:


Of course you meant the “sftp” protocol within Konqueror… NOT “sftp” from a terminal - which is what I tested.

NO, the Konqueror “sftp” protocol does NOT work; it ALWAYS displays an “Incorrect username or password…” message.

Some thing with me. Neither sft nor fish works. Dolphin and Konqueror are affected by whatever the problem is.

Same thing here. IIRC this happened when the 4.5 betas appeared in the Factory repos. Found M7, KDE 4.5, fish and sftp I did not investigate at the time if it really was due to the Policykit packages that all started working again. I do remember it was only 4 Policykit related packages I updated at the time, and that the problem was gone after this.

Done some investigating:

On my server, where fish and sftp work, KDE 4.5.5, I see a “polkitkde1helper” process running after trying to make a first fish:// or sftp:// connection. This process is not there on my laptop, where both don’t work in KDE. The file is there in /usr/lib64/kde4/libexec , but it looks like it’s not called when making a connection. If I kill the process on my server, then start a fish:// connection, a new instance immediately appears.