11.4 M6 Install-11.4 RC1 Install

I’m currently running 11.4 M6 on my Netbook and was wondering if I download the Release Candidate 1 DVD image and burn it to DVD will I need to do a clean Install of Release Candidate 1 or will I be able to upgrade M6 to RC1. This is the first time that I’ve used a pre-release version of OpenSuse?


If you change your repos to Factory like I do, it will just roll over to RC1
You only need these 2 repos
Index of /factory/repo/oss
Index of /factory/repo/non-oss

Disable or remove any others

Ok thanks for that info. I’ll try that, even though I’ve not had much luck with online updates of OpenSuse in the past I’ve ended up with broken KDE upgrades, that’s why I was asking if it was possible to do an upgrade from the RC1 DVD.


According to the openSUSE 11.4 Roadmap: openSUSE:Roadmap - openSUSE.

We are expecting a Feb. 10, 2011 release of openSUSE 11.4 RC1.



Do I have to keep Index of /update/11.4 enabled or disable it?


Thanks for the info and link, I’d already seen the roadmap for release on the 11.4 portal prior to downloading the M6 iso.


Keep it
But there is next to nothing in it. I usually disable it, but it probably doesn’t matter.

I just did a zypper dup and my system now reports 11.4 RC 1http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v218/jctorres/instantnea1.png

Thanks for the help everyone. I’ll give the online update a go tomorrow, and I’ll also download the RC1 DVD iso using the family Windows 7 Notebook just in case the Online update fails.


Following caf4926’s suggestion I am using these two repos only in my RC1 install.

Index of /factory/repo/oss
Index of /factory/repo/non-oss

Last night upgrading the kernel went without a hitch.

My question is when 11-4 goes gold can I switch repos and carry on without a reinstall.

RC1 KDE is working so nicely for me now and I am hoping that will be the case through all the RCs as I update. I would rather not to have to rebuild when 11-4 is released.


Yes you can. But sometimes there is some wonky stuff left over from the releases previous to the finished product. I usually do a clean install when a release becomes final, but you can try it your way and see how it works.