11.4 M4 to be released Nov 28

Stephan Kulow posted the following today on the Factory Mailing list:
“Bernhard’s tests say build908 is good enough for Milestone4, so I’m preparing
that one now without further delay for release on monday.”

You can get an early start on M4 testing by downloading “Build0908” iso files
from http://download.opensuse.org/factory/iso/. Included on the site are NET
install, Gnome Live, and KDE Live CDs for both 32- and 64-bit systems. There are
no DVD images on this site.

Interesting ! 28th is a Sunday. … I’m thinking what was meant was the 29th.

… Still, my guess had been Wed-1-Dec, so it goes to show I should not be placing bets on when openSUSE milestone releases will take place. :slight_smile:

This is a pity because kdepim4 is broken in build 908 and kmail crashes while migrating the config files to 4.6.0-pre.
This was fixed upstream yesterday
and added to the repository
this morning. I would guess that this will make it into the next factory build, and that this would be a more useful milestone as it could be tested in a working environment.


Thanks very much for posting the news.

KDE 4.6 Beta arrived here, and fixed the mount point automatically of partitions!!

Build 0909 has been on factory for a couple of days, but other than the advance notification (that build 0908 is “likely” to be the build) there has been no final official notification as to which which M4 build (0908 ? 0909 ? ) will form the M4 baseline.

I’m waiting until the end of day today and until the M4 build is available directly on the development site (as opposed to my getting it from the factory repos) before install the baseline M4 build on a PC.

Build 908 is the chosen build for openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 4. I tried downloading from Development and I’m getting an error. It appears that they are in the process of changing the links to Milestone 4



I think its here :slight_smile:

Index of /distribution/11.4-Milestone4/iso

Thanks I downloaded the 64-bit DVD. I think 11.4 is on it’s way to be the best release.!!

Good news. Thanks
I go try the 64-bit version.