11.4 load average at 1

ever since i started using 11.4, my laptop is seeing consistant 1.xx ‘load average’ values (the 3 load values in TOP).

this happens on both 11.4 32 and 64bit releases, but didnt happen on 11.3 32bit.
my first try with 11.4 was as an upgrade ontop of 11.3. however since i thought it was an upgrade issue, i’ve installed 11.4 64bit fresh.

TOP reports no programs misbehaving and system resources seem normal, however the load average value never goes below 1.

laptop is a core i3, 330m gfx, 6gb ram.

Maybe you have a document crawler running. You can turn it off if you don’t want that. Switch to sort by process in top with P and it should show the CPU consuming process. Or use htop.

thats all fine. averaging about 10% across 6 processes (chome, xorg, knotify, kwin seem to tbe the main 4)

it’s happening straight out of the box on standard install; i’m not installing/configuring anything to make this load average issue occur.

Found your thread with Google for “load average 1”.

FWIW I’m running Ubuntu 10.10 - a fresh install - on an Acer Aspire, and my load is pegged at >= 1.0 as well. Top shows nothing other than Xorg running with 1% CPU.

Odd, but thought I’d mention because the fact I’m running a different distro but have the same problem might point towards the cause.