11.4 installed hal, though it was not installed on 11.3

I had removed hal on 11.3 but the upgrade reinstalled it, my understanding was it was replaced by udev.

Was there a reason it was re-installed? Is there a reason to keep it? To not keep it?


Strange I have just checked - on a clean install of 11.4 - and hal has been installed too.

Suppose the easiest thing to do is un-install hal and see if you have any problems.

Looked in Yast and no required by is listed for hal

On 03/11/2011 08:36 AM, google01103 wrote:
> Looked in Yast and no required by is listed for hal

I think smolt needs it.

no, smolt doesn’t appear to - didn’t complain when I removed Hal

but kdebase3 or kdebase3-runtime does and I had them installed - I had allowed broken dependency in 11.3 - and forgotten I had

I did a clean install of 11.4 and Hal wasn’t installed. It is installed by default in 11.3 so if you’re upgrading from there, you’ll probably still have it, or it’s still a dependency.

When I updated to the latest version of K3b in 11.3, K3b no longer recognized my optical drive. The new version of K3b no longer needed Hal, but I think some KDE libraries were still looking for it before it would recognize the drive.

that explains it for me as i have both kde4 and kde3.5 installed