11.4 installation asks for cd 1

After installing, I’m greeted with “Operating System Not Found” on boot. Using a live CD of crash-bang statler for gparted, I can reset the Windows partition to the boot partition, then use a Windows system restore disk to run the fixmbr to at least boot into Windows 7. Setting any of the linux partitions to be to the boot partition results in an OS not being found. The 7 hour installation seems to go fine otherwise. I burned a live DVD and am getting the same message to make sure disk 1 is in the drive. Is this normal for a live DVD? Is the USB drive no longer supported? I’ve used it with earlier versions of OpenSuse.

Oops. Wrong CD. The live CD gets to a desktop with the VESA video option. I’m getting closer to getting this installed. :slight_smile:

I’m probably way off base here, but I do remember having a CD/DVD-not-found complaint during the second part of installation of 10.x or 11.0, years ago. The solution was to disable acpi (or apic, not sure), only for installation. Afterwards it would work ok.