11.4 Importing firefox html bookmark files into Konqueror

I have a rather large set of bookmarks in html format ex firefox. It uses many toolbar folders and sub folders as it’s much quicker to get at that way. Total size is about 800k.

I’ve always been rather fond of Konqueror. In many ways it had lead the way in the past but eventually falls behind on the java update front. Maybe that’s fixed now and it can use suns?

Anyway tried to import my bookmarks. It listed all of them and the folder organisation perfectly into a separate folder which is fair enough really. Not much use to me though so I started to re create the toolbar folder structure so that I could then move the actual bookmarks into them. On the first attempt I selected maybe 60 in one block and dragged them over to the tool bar folder they should be in. Crashed immediately. Tried numbers ranging from 5 to 10. Always crashed after 2 or 3. Also noticed that it seemed to be loosing a bookmark from the unselected part off the list each time I dragged across. Need to check that before submitting a bug.

Anyone done this sort of thing successfully and how?