11.4 > Gnome 2.32.1 > Window List and "re-ordering" via drag

Hello Community:

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words… SUSE Paste

I prefer my Firefox in Position 1, but sometimes I have to restart FF, so it gets re-ordered.
Sometimes dragging it to another position works and most times it doesn’t.

Is it me or what?
Window List applet > checked (radio’d) options are shown at SUSE Paste

Is there something/someplace else I should check?

Thank you all for your time.


It can’t be just “me” can it?

Your taskbar options appear correct. If you wish to re-order your taskbar (such as Firefox at the left, or position 1), you can drag and drop the taskbar entries. That would save restarting FF for aesthetic reasons.


Thanks, but “Sometimes dragging it to another position works and most times it doesn’t.”

It doesn’t seem limited to the number of open programs either.
I can’t nail it down, it is not reproducible, except for that fact that is doesn’t want to budge.
It is just irritating.

Thanks for your time, however.
Have a Great Day!

My normal Firefox configuration is three (3) windows. When individualized in the taskbar, drag-and-drop works satisfactorily; when grouped, dragging is problematical. I get around that problem by dragging other taskbar entries. If the taskbar is rather robust, with many entries, dragging is tricky when near the system tray.

(These terms seem very MS Window-ish!) lol!


Screenie of this “3 windows” arrangement/placement?

NOTE: I am NOT dragging to another workspace although I have tried moving FF right 1 workspace and back, which doesn’t work either.

Three (3) Firefox windows, ungrouped:


Three (3) Firefox windows, grouped:


I regularly drag windows between workspaces, although each Firefox windows is treated separately. I rarely try to move a group, but often move a single Firefox window. The illustrations above are under KDE. I see you are running Gnome (I do the same, from time to time).


Thanks. Well, I have to say that this is the only annoyance I have had since installing 11.4.
So, I am OK with that.
11.3 drove me to drink.

Thank you for your time.
Have a Great Day!

All I see mostly is the word bug in search results at gnome +“window list” +dragging - Google Search

Try this…
Go to System → Look and Feel → Desktop Effects. Go to the Animations tab. Disable the animations. Try reordering things again…it worked for me.