11.4 freeze after grub (and other minor things)


I have a Tecra A7 with Intel 945GM. /boot is in a Ext4 partition and the rest is LVM2 splitten in 3 (/: Ext4, /home: Ext4 and swap). There is also a windows partition in the disk:

I have installed openSUSE 11.4 (clean but keeping my /home directory untouched why is there since my openSUSE 11.2 installation). I have the following questions:

1.- During the installation I tried to shrink the windows partition and grow the LVM2 . The installer said that the partition was in use and could not be modified. I thought that during the installation the parititions where not mounted. Why is this? How can I grow now the physical volume (not the logical ones)?

2.- Solving this problem I realized that there a lot of duplicate files in .kde and .kde4. Can some of these be deleted?

3.- At boot, the computer frequently freezes after GRUB. Is right after selecting an option in GRUB, so it might be at mounting. In the failsafe configuration, it happens less frequently. How can I diagnose what is really going on?

4.- Every time I navigate into a webpage which contains a login form, Chrome ask me to unlock kdewallet. It is extremely annoying because this happens with all webpages, not just the ones in which I am registered.



For partitioning you may try KDE Partition Manager live CD for instance (KDE Partition Manager - Browse /partitionmanager-live-cd at SourceForge.net) or another live system with partition manager. It load independent OS so that your Hard drive will not be mounted or touched.
If I understand correctly, you would like reduce the Windows partition. By using LVM, all logical volumes are treated as one Linux partition, and thereafter dynamically redistributed between logical volumes. External OS would deal with physical only, so that you can first reduce windows partition, and arisen free space attach to that of Linux. Be sure Windows is squeamish. Make defragmentation first in Windows partition to avoid data lose in it. I’m sorry, experience based on work with logical volumes in BSD, but wit Linux installed on the same drive.
What about disk space, look for *.log and *.old files. It occurs, that these files grow up to giant size.

“At boot, the computer frequently freezes after GRUB. Is right after selecting an option in GRUB, so it might be at mounting.” I have the same problem with kernel default flavor, that of desktop works stable without any freeze. What is the matter I don’t know.