11.4 font crispness/smoothing

Hi - Not sure if the font by Default in opensuse 11.4 is intended to look “thin” but I want to make it look “standard”

I tried setting changing the settings in the fonts menu but its not what I was searching for. How do I make the system font more “round and smooth”. If anyone has tried the distro Ubuntu or Fedora, the font is more “plain.” I’m using GNOME so if someone could help me out I’d appreciate it. Thanks

When you speak of Ubuntu, indeed, the fonts are crisper because they use some stacks of code which suffer from the ‘DRI syndrome’, that’s the reason why Fedora and openSUSE don’t use the same code. Nevertheless with GNOME3 it will change, and fonts will be rendered in a more attractive way for user’s experience.

For the time being, the only options you have is to patch some pieces of software and apply the same patches used by Ubuntu. They’re a part of the base stack because they can’t be distributed in countries where DRI is enforced. That’s the explanation.

The difference between openSUSE and Fedora on GNOME is most likely the fonts used, because both use pure upstream stack (while Ubuntu has some patches).

Try freetype2 from Index of /repositories/home:/inp3dance/openSUSE_11.4

Modified fontconfig package will come too, when I will have some time to spare

Thanks for the replies I will give it a try.

For full restricted smoothness, you can try this:

openSUSE starter: Step 4. Get yer subpixel hinted fonts.

Includes instruction how to get full subpixel support for Firefox 4

package freetype2-feature-subpixel-hinting is no longer in muzlocker repo.
why is this not implemented in default installation? or at least in standard repos?


It’s not required, it’s a dummy package anyway
Add the repo and switch to it, make sure you have the packages as in my screen
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