11.4 Flash

11.4 64bit KDE Firefox - Since installing 11.4 many (not all) videos viewed under Firefox flicker with a horizontal white bar. This with Firefox version 4.0 beta 12 which came with the 11.4 DVD installation and the DVD version of flash player ( I never had this problem with 11.3.

Which version of flash-player should I have installed?

I have seen this on one or two sites.I suspect it’s FFox issue.

You could always:
How To Switch to Firefox 3.6 in openSUSE 11.4

You’re fast. ****ed FAST. I posted at 20:06 and you replied four minutes later. I wish my doctor, banker, wife…would respond that fast. Thanks for the link, it sounds like a sensible solution.

Hope it works
I didn’t bother myself
But I have Chromium and it’s fine.

I’m just not seeing these problems on 11.4 64bit KDE Firefox (4.0 beta 12) with that version of flash-player (i586/32bit - right?), but I didn’t install from the DVD iso.

It worked very well, and my problem is gone. Many thanks.

You are welcome