11.4 display error - vainfo returns XFree86-DRI not found

i hadn’t noticed this until i installed 11.4 alongside a running 11.2 machine, so i have both to compare and attempted get the xvba package from OBS to work as it does on the 11.2 install. No dice.

vainfo returns that DRI is not available from Xlib and vlc player segfaults. X.log.0 indicates that the module was loaded without error.

quick perusal of scroogle indicates that i’m not the only one, but everything i’ve tried to cross check to see if there is a package for 11.4 that breaks what works on 11.2 comes up with no likely culprits, so i’m very suspicious of this version of xorg.

output from vainfo and X.0.log here:

SUSE Paste

any help would be appreciated.