11.4 - Cannot install nvidia driver

Nvidia h/w: Quadro FX 570

Installed 11.4 yesterday. No problems. Installed Gnome 3 today and it goes into fallback mode. Assuming that the graphics driver might be the culprit, I attempted to install the latest nvidia driver.

Added repo ftp://download.nvidia.com/opensuse/11.4/ in Yast2.

Did a refresh and it complains that it cannot access installation media at the above. Paste the above in Firefox and it gets there OK.

One-click method also fails.

Never had a problem with updating nvidia driver before. Not sure what to check. I did delete and add with no success.

BTW, the other defined repos in Yast2 work fine.

I believe that there were some issues with the downloads yesterday, maybe it’s gone corrupt… Have you updated the kernel to the latest -

Anyway, you need to install the Nvidia Driver 280.13 version as it fixes a bug in GNOME 3.0, so may want to install via the hard way?

Wasn’t aware of the download issues. Have the latest kernel. Will try the hard way.

Installed the nVidia 280.13 driver the hard way. Now Gnome3 is working in standard mode.

Thanks Malcolm