11.4 Beta FAT mount problem /media/d());????}


I plugged a SD card into my laptop today and the KDE automounter went bonkers.

I found that if the device has a Label, then it gets mounted as /media/d());???}.

If it doesn’t have a label, then it gets mounted properly. Changing the label with dosfslabel to anything works, but mounts bad. So there seems to be a parsing error in the automounter, but only with FAT.

In desperation, I reformatted the card with JFS, just to get rid of this issue. (I don’t actually use the card for a camera. I just use it as extra storage on the laptop and I actually prefer an efficient FS with a small journal over the current trend with ext3/4.)

I don’t have an SD card but my flash drives all mount fine whatever I do with them
11.4 M5 and factory updated

Yup, I played with a 2GB USB flash stick and it works properly with mkfs.vfat and dosfslabel. It is only the SD card that causes problems.

Consider a bug report

Hmm, I have tried to, but it doesn’t seem possible to file a bug on the Beta release - it is not listed in Bugzilla. So I filed it anyway with an explanatory summary.


11.4 is in the drop down