11.4 / 64 Live loads to walpaper only.

I thought I’d give this a try on my Dell 1747 laptop, but Suse 11.4/64 Live wouldn’t load the desktop, just the walpaper; no panel etc. One reason I thought I’d give it a try was that it apparently has Broadcom drivers and figured I’d get wireless without headaches. I’ll attach the specs. Oops can’t attach; so here’s the whole enchelada:
Guess not; won’t allow that either. Well it’s a Dell Studio 1747 w/ 6GB RAM, an ATI Mobile Radeon 560v.
I did try to load it in safe kernel I think it was.

Try booting w/ “nomodeset” as a boot parameter. If that doesn’t work try and boot with the option “init 3”; this will take you to a terminal login where you can hopefully find some information about what went wrong.

That took me to a blank screen with mouse cursor. I hit Ctrl, Alt, Backspace and was taken to the login screen; which got me in. There were a couple of error windows which I didn’t understand, but it all worked out in the long run. I wasn’t able to connect wirelessly; I guess it never found or didn’t have my Broadcom driver. I’ll maybe try it all hardwired later. Thanks for the help.