11.4 64 KDE new install two issues on updating and one application dependency problem

I got a new hard drive in and decided to do a completely new install of 11.4 64 on my "testing/spare machine:. I have my dual monitors configured properly :wink: But I ran into two issues. When doing a manual post install update from the 11.4 updates repo I have one file that will not play happily named cronie


When trying to install the application wspr from the hamradio repo I get the following error for an unsatisfied dependency. I have the same application installed on another 11.4 installation on this system and it didn’t choke on this file.


Here are my repos

What are my solutions is any?

On the cron/cronie issue, just uncheck that update so that you can install all of the other updates. There’s a thread on the problem:
Cron upgrade problem
I imagine that will probably be fixed within a few days.

I can’t help with the other issue. Sorry.

Well that is one answer of two I was looking for so thenk you vary much.

You have the ham radio repo for 11.3 in what seems to be a 11.4 sys, 11.3 uses a different version of python

Thanks for catching what my blind old eyes missed. I made a error when cutting and pasting. Four eyes are better that two.

No worries

It’s running beautifully. I know that each release has it strong and weak points. I loved 11.1 and use 11.3 as my daily driver but 11.4 is smooth as silk once tuned for the individual user who has hardware that has good support.


There is a whole list of stuff that just worked with no fiddling as far as drivers go for me. I am loving it. I can’t make it bloated enough LOL.

But you did have a bit of a rant with the nvidia graphics setup :smiley:

My old man is a radio ham G4KTS