11.4 64 bit xerox phazer 3425 problem with driver


Today I installed current version Suse 11.4, and have a problem with printer drivers. I use models: xerox phaser 3425, 3450, 3117. All These printers work perfect with opensuse 11.1-11.2-11.3, but now driver not work… There are no drivers in list… for all of printers 31** and 34** series.

I need send bug report to developers?

I don’t have 11.4 or a phazer printer but I think that all you need to do is to download the PPD file from the Xerox site and install the printer with the PPD file as a postscript printer

today I manualy install driver samsung 2550 and my xerox3425 working without problems. Duplex printing is working correctly.
As I think problem: developers fogot printers xerox… It is a bug.

there are no any ppd files on xerox.com only drivers for windows and mac.

Install samsung drivers is easier then find xerox PPD files.

sorry my bad English. :slight_smile: