11.3 with Gnome: Disappearing Sound

GNOME desktop, 11.3. I followed the restricted media format installation. It passes the MMCHECK script. I have only 1 sound card, and only do 1 thing at a time. No audio playback programs produce sound except xine. The soundcard “test” function produces sound, but there is no sound from Firefox. No system sounds such as open and close firefox or other windows. Installed RedDwarf media plugin, which is verified in the preferences window of Firefox.

I assume I have messed up some configuration files. Suggestions on what to look for?


Its possible this was messed up by default and not your fault.

How many sound devices on your PC ?

Have you looked at your PCM volume control settings in your mixer to ensure it was not dynamically set to zero when other applications (such as firefox) went to play audio ?

Gnome has the added complexity of pulse audio being enabled. Have you checked the pulse audio mixer (sorry, I don’t know its name off the top of my head as I am not a gnome pulse audio user) ?