11.3 with brand new Radeon?


I consider setting up a new system with one of the upcoming new Radeon graphics cards.
I would like to know whether this is possible or whether there is a problem I overlooked.

I thought of setting up the system with vesa mode and afterwords downloading/installing the latest radeon or fglrx driver as soon as they are available.
would that work? how long does it typically take until these drivers are available?



You already bougth the ATI card? I would suggest a nvidia car instead, better supported in linux than ATI one, better drivers.

Shouldn’t you be addressing that question to ATI? I mean, I’m pretty sure neither Novell or openSUSE doesn’t produce the FireGL driver, makes all sense to me you address it to ATI.
I’m a ATI user, and I really can’t complain much about FireGL, specially now that ATI since 10.7 seems to be improving a lot. About the generic opensource driver (there’s two of them), radeonhd is obsolete, while Red Hat et al radeon driver kicks ass, even Neverwinter Nights runs about 30+fps with it (though it chockes here and there, but that’s another issue).

I never bought nvidia after the G86 chipset incident. Any company that sends to the market the ammount of faulty chipsets they have is not worth my trust. I still have here the bloody core and the only way to make it work properly was to make a ‘home made’ copper pan mod on it (from 81ºC to 63ºC idling). And no, in this case though the thermal design of the laptop in question wasn’t the best, there’s actually one explanation for the G86 behavior, poor materials were used, thats nvidia’s fault. I would definatly go for ATI if you need some performance, else I would go for Intel if I don’t need outstanding 3D support.

According to this post on phronix the newest AMD cards like the 6800 series already work with the current 10.10 fglrx - though it sounds like you’ll have to manually configure your xorg.conf and you’ll be stuck with a small “unsupported hardware” watermark. The reports are from fedora and ubuntu users, but I think the odds are in your favor of the same thing working in suse.