11.3 & Trying To Install PCMCIA card - WG511T

I was trying to get a card to work well with linux. I searched compatibility lists and found the NetGear WG511T to appear good. I got one and when I insert the device, Linux never sees it. In Windows, it appears like normal and drivers install.

In OpenSUSE 11.3, the device is never recognized; no lights turn on, not listed under iwconfig, or networkmanager. I’ve installed the madwifi drivers, but they dont help since the computer never sees the device itself (to install drivers).

Is there anything special I need to do to get the device recognized by the system?


I can’t seem to edit my first post. ?

Anyways, I searched for someone just installing this device, and I never see the following image: Here is the site that I found it
http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/img/17037--13.png … He states this happens:
“In a few seconds, SUSE recognized that a card had been plugged in, and asked me if I wanted to configure it:”

This never happens for me … the hardware is never recognized by the system.
Thanks for the help!!