11.3 Search and Launch view, no right-click menu

I changed the kde desktop layout to Search and Launch on an 11.3 64-bit machine and lost the ability to bring up a right-click menu on the desktop, also tried it on an 11.3 32 bit machine and experienced the exact same thing

Anyone know how I can solve this even if it means reverting to the default layout?

I suppose I could delete and re-create the user’s /home but I’m wondering if there’s a way to solve this without resorting to that

On the one machine I’ve put 11.4 on so far it’s using the search and launch layout with absolutely no problems at all and finding it very handy

Not sure whether this has any bearing on it or maybe even be of help in solving this, but the 11.4 machine I’m using this layout on actually logs onto the 11.3 64 bit machine I first had the problem with via nis and an nfs /home export

For the user it’s working fine under I set the search and launch layout from the 11.4 machine, the user I’m getting the problem with on the 64-bit machine (nis/nfs server) was set on the server itself. The 11.3 32 bit machine however, I disabled nis and nfs so that it would use local logons and /home only so it seems to be an issue with 11.3 itself and regardless of cpu architecture

Looking like I’m gonna have to recreate the home directory then

I’ll hang on just in case someone comes up with something, but one of the machines is getting 11.4 put on it anyway

Hunted through every file that might conceivably contain anything relating to desktop layout in /home/user … hidden ones included but no luck so I had to delete the home and re-create

To top it off a mate went and set his 11.3 desktop to Search and Launch after seeing mine on 11.4 and the same thing’s happened on his, most annoying, I’ll probably tell tomorrow he may as well just install 11.4 first as last because he’ll end up doing it eventually anyway and he won’t come running to me cos he’s lost stuff trying to re-create his home dir that way

Would there be any point in submitting a bug report on this? (If there would … how do ya go about it?)