11.3 released on 7/14 or 7/15

I only ask because I notice the the “…Only 2 days to go!” is up for the second day in a row… anxiously awaiting :slight_smile:


As you might know the world is round and time goes around with it. Thus your idea of when a day starts may not be the same as anybody ales’s idea.

Just relax and do something usefull.

…and I took that into consideration, however when it changes consistently when I check approximately the same time everyday, it just made me curious…

“As you might know the world is round…” :smiley: :idea:

Well no offense to whoever put that banner up but even with timezones and such it is misleading.

Last night i checked around 10/11PM and it said 1 day to go, yet today at 3:43PM it says 23hr to go…somethings a miss, it’s missed half a day :stuck_out_tongue:

According to Roadmap - openSUSE openSUSE 11.3 has been released on Thursday, July 15th 2010
Of course I woke up today before noon (something I avoid doing) thinking I could make a trip to the library to download the new version, Seeing the counter say “1 day to go” yesterday had me thinking it was less than 24 hours, not 24-48 hours. Hopefully that will be my biggest problem with 11.3 =)

Now i know what i will do when i get back home from work. lol