11.3 release date??

I have heard its going to be July. One concern is KDE4.4 and whether this is going to be the KDE default environment for 11.2. Over at KDE, 4.4 is out with a 1 click install for 11.2. The main problem I have discovered from reading the KDE forum is poor multi monitor support with separate X screens. From what I read this is extremely problematic. I would like to update to 4.4 to get the equalizer back in Amorak but attempted once, the day before they officially released 4.4 with no success. I wonder if anyone here is using 4.4 in a separate X screen setup?? Additional thought-- when 11.3 is released will 4.4 be the only option or will we be able to elect to use 3.xx??


There is no doubt - For openSUSE-11.3 there will be NO KDE-3.xxx on the DVD. Nor on any liveCD. I would bet money on that. Whether there will even be a repository for KDE3 in 11.3 is also very doubtful IMHO.

But on the openSUSE DVD for 11.3 there is also planned Gnome, Xfce and LXDE in addition to KDE4. I’ve been helping on testing LXDE and its a nice fast minimal desktop.

Reference the feature you like, is it present in KDE-4.3.5 ? or is it simply one of the KDE3 features that has never made it to KDE4 ?

Many thanks for your interest and reply. I use OpenSUSe in a semi production environment in my home office. I day trade. Three of the machines here run OpenSUSe 11.2, one a laptop and the other two, multi monitor desk tops-- one of these in an amateur radio setup and the other doing the utility work online daily-- e mail, browsing, chat and so forth. Were there software that I could use for charting and trade execution, then all of the machines here would be Linux based.

In addition to the online use of the 11.2 desktop, it also has a second hard drive with the music and video library on it. This gets shared across the LAN here in the house- as well as being the media player for the office. In SUSe 10.3, Amarok still had the graphic equalizer. It wold be nice to have that feature back.

Additionally the desktop runs 3 Samsung 204B flat panel LCD’s as separate X screens with the desktop spread across them-- providing enough screen real estate to multitask effectively. The machine is an Intel 975 motherboard with a core quad, 2 GB of ram, and a pair of NVidia GeForce 8500’s PCIe. The machine is reasonably fast and here to fore, very stable under OpenSUSe,. the multi monitor functionality is the most important feature that will need to be carried forward to the 11.3. The grapghic EQ would be nice and .4xx KDE has reincorporated that feature in Amarok. What I can not imagine is the possibility that from what I read, a later version would be released with bugs in configuring multiple monitors. I understand as well the different desktops available in the different SUSe releases-- I have used other desktops but KDE has long been the choice due to the full suite of features with minimal configuration problems.

It was a little hard to understand why someone would remove the functionality of a graphic equalizer from Amarok. Bearing that in mind is multi monitor support going to be the next casualty?

Thanks very much again for your interest. Opinions??


I think this is being worked on, but its not there yet. I note in the amarok blog: Amarok Blog

most features are working, minus some things like Equalizer support (but we’ll get there too).
… so it is planned.

If it was me, I would boot to the openSUSE-11.3 milestone4 live CD, muck around with it a bit, and then write a bug report that it does not support multiple monitors (with separate x screens) if that is what you discover on openSUSE-11.3 M4.

There is guidance for writing bug reports here: Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE and you can use your openSUSE forum user name and password to log on to bugzilla.

Is this of any use to you?
Configuring graphics cards/Dual Head Mode - openSUSE

Update to KDE4 4.4.2 from the KDE4:Factory repos. The equalizer is back and working great on my systems. As is the semantic desktop, as is the “Launch and Search” desktop activity. I love the combo.


Thanks for the config page for multi monitors…Knurpht, I attempted to upgrade the day before KDE released 4.4.2 and made a mess of the system here, and am a little loath to try it again. OldCPU your idea of messing about with the 11.3 live CD is a good one. I think thats going to be the next step for me in all of this.

As far as multi monitors is concerned I ve been able to configure them without too much aggravation since 10.1. There was a rough spot here in 11.2 that I think was a problem with the NVidia driver package early on. So far so good in 11.2.

Im going to download 11.3 RC4 today and see where that leads.

So-- I am under the impression that as far as the windows manager/screen manager/work environment that 11.3 is going to be somewhat of a departure as far as architecture goes. Reading here and over at the KDE forum (and in my own mind too I might add) there seems to be confusion about the relationship and interdependencies between the parts and pieces-- I ve never understood particularly with Compiz and some of the other desktop special effects, what goes where… I know that this is a bit of a vague question but my not understanding has led me to a lot of poking around trying different things to get any given configuration to work. I got reasonably comfortable with X until the first NVidia module/driver I had insisted on hiding the correct resolution for the monitors here and refused to let me configure them for anything other than 800x600. Too many settings wizards made me a little rusty with command line and at one point I had to use another computer to review the vi commands so I could attempt to edit xorg.conf.

On the other hand as a passing note I remember a couple of years ago sitting in a sidewalk cafe where I lived in Veracruz Mexico with several Mexican friends (all linux afficionados) and showing them the Compiz and Beryl eye candy on my laptop. What a hoot.