11.3 RC1/RC2 chokes on boot - Thinkpad x100e

Hi All,

I’m trying RC2 and I’m having the same problem that I was having on the RC1 release. When I boot into the default kernel, the computer locks up shortly after it starts “detecting devices” right after the hard drive has been mounted read/write (I’ll try to remember the exact line). If I boot into “Failsafe” mode, everything boots correctly. This problem did NOT occur under milestone 7 11.3, so it was something introduced on RC1 and it still present in RC2. My setup is a Lenovo x100e. I didn’t try an upgrade, I performed a new installation. Any ideas on what might be causing this hard freeze on boot? Thanks.

Mike Doerner

OK, my computer locks up right after…

Starting udev:
Loading drivers, configuring devices:

…the cursor blinks once or twice, then hard lockup…

Booting in failsafe mode let’s me get into X-windows, but MUCH more slowly. I’ll try to see what kernel options are allowing me to boot successfully in failsafe mode and add them to desktop mode in the interim…

Mike Doerner

OK, I have to pass the ACPI=OFF command at boot time in order to get past this. This wasn’t a problem on Milestone 7, what happened here???

Mike Doerner

Also, the timing on my keyboard is WAAAAAAAAY too fast (i.e. I get 3 characters when I press a key instead of 1, unless I very lightly tap the keys).

Time to go back to 11.2 until this stuff get straightened out…

Mike D

Please write a bug report, else it won’t get straightened out. There is guidance for writing bug reports here: Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE

I also checked the thinkwiki for the X100e but I did not see anything directly relevant to what you encountered.

Submitted bug report 619738 on this…

Mike D