11.3 Nvidia - how do I go from "hard way" to repo driver installation

When I originally installed 11.3, the Nvidia driver was not yet available by repo, so I used the “hard way” installation: the .run file downloaded from the Nvidia site with the kernel module compilation step.

It appears that the repo has been updated and I can now use that one. What are the correct steps to install the repo driver? Do I uninstall the existing driver first?

Just add the repo and install the drivers again from there.

to uninstall the NVIDIA proprietary driver, close the X session (init 3) and type:

sh /pathtoinstaller/NVIDIAsomething.run --uninstall

After that, you can startx and install the driver via Yast

That’s what I did - uninstalled the downloaded driver and then added the NVIDIA repo, which automatically marked the repo driver to be installed when I fired up Yast2 (all in init 3).

Worked like a charm. Thanks for the help.